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Saving Your Yard Through Erosion Control by Tanner Green, Union Hill Landscaping

April 17, 20241 min read

Many times, when new homes are built, they do not include essential drainage and erosion control. Eventually lack of drainage control will destroy existing sod or grass. Proper drainage control can range from down spout drains, increased vegetation, and dry creek beds with many other options in between. Without proper drainage systems in place, over just a couple of years’ time, water that is allowed to run across or just sit stagnant on your lawn can cause it to die or wash away damaging brand-new sod or even existing grass. Eventually those areas will turn to dirt.

The worst-case scenario is that uncontrollable water flow can make its way into the foundation of your home, possibly flooding basement areas. By simply redirecting the overflow of water we can affordably correct or prevent damage from happening to your home, your lawn and flowerbed areas. Being proactive with water drainage issues will allow you to keep your personal space in order.

At Union Hill Landscaping, we offer a full range of services to cover any possible erosion issues that may arise. We can also cover all your lawncare needs for this upcoming season! We provide free estimates, and we can do a full evaluation and make recommendations based on the current conditions of your space. Locally owned with reliable service, we are ready to help! Please reach out anytime to schedule your free estimate!

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