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Finding Balance: Hair Mineral Testing by Nancy Masoud, LockedIN Wellness

Finding Balance: Hair Mineral Testing by Nancy Masoud, LockedIN Wellness

June 03, 20243 min read

Like a secret language of your body, hair mineral testing can reveal the intricate details of the minerals within us that reflect our dietary habits, stress levels, and even environmental exposures. With this information, you can better understand your own body’s needs and the subtle signs it uses to communicate imbalance.

Hair mineral testing is an analysis of the minerals in hair tissue which serve as an important indicator for metabolic processes that occur within the cells—something I refer to as the “spark plug” in the chemistry of life. By analyzing the hair tissue, we can understand the levels of minerals present in your body, what your body is metabolizing, and how much your body is depositing; thus, giving clear insight into what your body needs and conversely what you may have too much of, both of which impact how you feel overall.

In contrast to your blood, hair is not subject to short-term fluctuation and reflects how your body is functioning over longer periods. The hair represents history rather than a moment in time, revealing not just minerals present but also toxic heavy metals that are stored at the cellular level. Hair mineral testing can also provide an early detection of health trends long before they may present in other ways, allowing access to discover risk factors for different health issues that may be prevented long term. Both mineral deficiencies and mineral deposits impact your overall health as well as trigger health issues or risk factors.

When someone is experiencing digestive or GI issues, we look specifically at malabsorption which is when your intestinal lining is not metabolizing or absorbing the nutrients that you are supposed to be getting from foods, and instead deposits them which causes imbalances. Stress often has a major impact on overall health. When people are “emotional eaters” due to stress, they may rely on coping mechanisms—often foods that are not likely to provide all the nutrients that your body needs. A poor diet has a major impact on our mineral imbalances. Environmental factors can also play a major role including air quality and water sources.

Many people are more familiar with the term “vitamin deficiency.” Minerals are what you absorb from the vitamins, with some dependent on others for proper absorption. For example, if your magnesium levels are low, then there may be calcium deposits in your body as they were unable to be absorbed. Magnesium is also essential for heart health, sleep, energy, and detoxification, which is why it is found in almost any multi-vitamin along with calcium and potassium. Hair mineral testing uncovers the most important component which is what your body is doing with the minerals it receives from your vitamins, supplements, and food.   

We often hear from clients complaining of fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, and loss of muscle mass—even despite working out regularly, eating a healthy diet, and taking multivitamins—which often lead or contribute to stress or anxiety. Hair mineral testing allows us to identify potential mineral imbalances that are preventing someone from combatting these issues and/or benefitting from positive lifestyle choices. From there we can determine what vitamins or supplements are appropriate to obtain the necessary nutrients and/or if detoxification is necessary to remove heavy metals.

Our goal is to help you feel better inside and outside by optimizing your health, with the understanding that there is no “one size fits all” solution. By personalizing nutritional support and focusing on key mineral imbalances, LockedIN Wellness is here to assist you reclaim your vitality and zest for life.

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