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EP #79: Best Case Roofing with Casey Armiger

October 24, 20231 min read

What Makes Casey Armiger a Good Neighbor?

Ever wondered about the realities of the roofing and restoration industry? Our guest on this week's episode, Casey Armiger from Best Case Roofing, helps to dispel some common myths, particularly the "storm chaser" misconception about out-of-state contractors in disaster-stricken areas. Casey shares his firsthand experience with ground zero disaster scenarios and the pivotal role contractors play in rebuilding communities, offering a refreshing perspective on his often misunderstood line of work.

Casey's inspirational entrepreneurial journey is not one to be missed. From his initial exposure in construction estimation to the birth of Best Case Roofing, his vision to bring a professional and seamless process into a blue-collar industry is truly impressive. Get a glimpse into the future of the roofing industry as Casey showcases his company's innovative approach to roofing estimates using satellite technology. Tune in to learn how Best Case Roofing is revolutionizing the industry, overcoming obstacles, and proving that blue-collar does not mean low-tech or low-professionalism. It's an episode filled with great insights and compelling stories that just might change the way you see roofing.

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