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Drab Slab to Fab: Creative Spaces by Miranda Wiley, Creative Spaces, LLC

March 29, 20242 min read

Creative Spaces, LLC creates luxurious, custom spaces for your home or business with commercial grade epoxy resin flooring and decorative concrete. Dan Schaeffer has more than nine years of experience in the flooring and asphalt/concrete industry, stepping out on his own to establish Creative Spaces in 2022. He and his team are driven to provide honest work with the utmost integrity to create artwork for their clients.

Depending on your needs, Creative Spaces can install a new epoxy floor, remove old epoxy and rebuild it, or complete epoxy patchwork for seamless repairs to fill holes and cracks. They can also create a variety of custom decorative concrete flooring options including polished concrete, dyed/stained concrete, and sealed concrete. Creative Spaces offers flexible options to ensure that no matter what, the customer has a choice of how to proceed and can therefore budget more effectively. They utilize locally sourced products and provide rapid response times as well as free estimates. Their team of dedicated epoxy technicians are licensed and insured. Each project is covered by a lifetime warranty for materials (chipping or peeling) and a 3-year labor warranty, which is transferable.

Creative Spaces can design elegant garage epoxy floors to enhance your showroom or upgrade your boring concrete slab to a shiny, resilient, and attractive floor with a chip, metallic, or solid epoxy finish. Epoxy floors are not just for garages, though. Consider epoxy for your patio to elevate your outdoor living space, which offers homeowners a reprieve from the laborious cleaning of concrete and wood by creating a sleek, low-maintenance alternative that can withstand the elements. If you are looking for the perfect upgrade to your indoor floors without the hassle of tile, carpet, and wood, consider epoxy flooring for a low-maintenance and durable option inside your home.

Creative Spaces specializes in providing versatile, long-lasting, and high-end epoxy flooring in commercial spaces to withstand heavy foot traffic, spills, stains, and more. Epoxy is highly customizable to your unique aesthetics, including custom color and patterns or logos.

Owning their own business allows Dan to spend more time with his wife, Alaina, and their 2-year-old daughter who personally inspects almost every completed floor project! She is currently obsessed with princesses and loves to dress up their pit bull, Rollo. Rollo joined their family as a rescue from a K-9 training facility where they installed epoxy floors.

Dan enjoys installing slip-resistant, durable, and flawless floors for their customers. He shares, “We want to grow relationships – not sales. We value every person we work with and go the extra mile.”  Before each project, they pray together as a team, working longs hours to ensure that their customers are happy and the job is done to perfection.

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