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A Modern Approach to Your STABLE Smile

February 09, 20244 min read

STABLE Orthodontics is an independent boutique orthodontic office offering aesthetic treatment options using custom braces and Invisalign® clear aligners for children, teens, and adults. Dr. Korry Tauber says, “At STABLE Orthodontics we take a modern, more accurate approach to aligning teeth. We use 3D digital technology to plan and move your teeth into the optimal position to make sure that your smile glows! The name of the office describes our goal to create ‘STABLE Smiles’ that last a lifetime and celebrates our community which is proud of its horse culture.”

STABLE Orthodontics offers a completely digital orthodontic experience beginning with a 3D x-ray to examine your teeth and facial bones from all different angles, followed by an intraoral scan of your teeth—a modern replacement to the goopy impressions of years past. Then they design your smile on the computer and fabricate custom-fit braces or clear aligners to move your teeth. Traditionally, orthodontists have used a “one size fits all” mentality resulting in the need to take extra time to reposition braces or bend the wires to make up for the inaccuracies. STABLE Orthodontics takes a different approach by placing custom made braces on every single tooth which they refer to as their “one tooth, one size” prescription. The custom braces are 3D printed to the highest accuracy to fit your smile only which results in being able to move your teeth faster and in a more comfortable manner while achieving more exact results—and a smile that is perfectly crafted to fit in harmony with your face.

In addition, STABLE Orthodontics offers something that no other office does in performing aesthetic smile enhancements which boost the beauty of your final smile with laser gum reshaping and teeth whitening. When teeth are aligned in their final position, small imperfections in the edges of teeth from years of misalignment often become more noticeable, so they take the time to polish and smooth the edges of all the front teeth to make sure your smile is contoured perfectly. They consider gums to be the most important part of your smile—acting as a frame around the picture—which can often be puffy or show too much in your final smile. With laser gum reshaping, they can create a brighter smile and show more of your pearly white teeth by reshaping the gum tissue around them. STABLE Orthodontics offers in-office and take-home whitening options to help your smile glow with bright white teeth. After your initial whitening session, you can enroll in their monthly whitening club to keep your smile sparkling longer, or just come in for a brighten up session when getting ready for a special occasion.

Dr. Tauber’s journey in orthodontics started at a very young age, with his mother sharing interesting stories about patients that she treated as a dental hygienist. Missing two of his permanent front teeth, Dr. Tauber underwent two rounds of orthodontic treatment and experienced firsthand how a smile can really shape someone’s personality. After completing his undergraduate degree at the University of Georgia, Dr. Tauber attended dental school at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill where he spent time in the orthodontic clinic, solidifying that it was the career choice for him. After pursuing additional training at the University of Oklahoma in orthodontics, Dr. Tauber returned to Alpharetta to establish STABLE Orthodontics. He is the sole owner and operator of his practice, unlike many orthodontics and dental offices in the Atlanta area who are now owned by groups of investors or private equity funds. Every time you come into the office, he is the doctor who will care for you or your family member.

Dr. Tauber says, “I opened STABLE Orthodontics to care for the community in which I grew up and love.” He spent countless hours playing at Will’s Park, practicing at the ball fields late at night and swimming at the city pool. Growing up, he went to high school football games and track meets at Milton High and competed in athletics in all their sporting complexes. He continues, “This community really helped shape me into the person I am today. And now I am excited to connect with the active community into which it has grown.” Dr. Tauber wants the community to know that it is his foremost goal to make a positive impact and to care deeply for the families who choose and trust him to care for their smiles. 

Visit and click “book now” or call 770-526-0190 to schedule your first appointment. STABLE Orthodontics is located at 12455 Broadwell Road in Alpharetta, just south of Crabapple Market.

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