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EP#150: Jucaro Advisory Services with James Rodgers

EP#150: Jucaro Advisory Services with James Rodgers

June 24, 20241 min read

Ever wondered if all that talk about Medicare covering everything is just hot air? James Rodgers from Jucaro Advisory Services joins us to puncture some of the biggest Medicare myths out there, bringing to light the fact that one size certainly does not fit all when it comes to health insurance. With a political science background unexpectedly steering him into the insurance realm, James has become the go-to broker for Medicare, life, and health insurance, offering a personalized touch that's as rare as it is needed. His heartfelt dedication to his craft is matched only by his devotion to family – from his connection to his wife's Cuban heritage to cheering on his daughters' dreams. It's a candid conversation that's sure to change the way you think about insurance and the people who help us navigate its complex waters.

Picture yourself in a local shop where everyone knows your name and your needs are met with a warm smile – that's the kind of community connection James champions. And in this episode, we're bringing it right to your ears with insights from a local guest from Canton, who puts a spotlight on the significance of hometown businesses. They're the unsung heroes, offering tailored advice and services with the kind of personal touch you won't find just anywhere. So, tune in, absorb the wisdom, and perhaps you'll be inspired to reach out to those local gems in your own backyard, or even nominate a standout service to be featured on our show. It's a celebration of the personal connection in a digital age, and a reminder that sometimes, the help you need is just around the corner.

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