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EP #170: Glacier Custom Pools & Rose and Son, Inc. with Mike Hill

EP #170: Glacier Custom Pools & Rose and Son, Inc. with Mike Hill

June 25, 20241 min read

What happens when a seasoned concrete expert ventures into the world of custom pool building? Discover the captivating journey of Mike Hill, co-owner of Glacier Custom Pools and Rose and Son Incorporated, as he recounts his journeyfrom concrete to pools. With over 30 years of concrete experience, Mike shares the pivotal moment when a friend's request led him to construct his own pool in just over four weeks, igniting a new passion and business venture. From friendly rivalry to fruitful partnership, hear how Mike and David Rose combined their expertise in 2012, navigating the challenges and celebrating the rewards of their industries.

In our conversation, Mike sheds light on the immense power of word-of-mouth in driving local business success. Learn how community recommendations have been a cornerstone of Mike's ventures, fostering trust and growth. We also dive into Mike’s personal life, exploring his love for cooking, his children's sports activities, and his dedication to men's league ice hockey.  Tune in for a truly inspiring and engaging episode!

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