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EP #155: Huckleberry Enterprises with Jason Coultas

June 04, 20241 min read

Discover the truth behind lush lawns and vibrant gardens as Jason Coultas of Huckleberry Enterprises unearths the art and science of landscaping. With over 20 years of nurturing his horticultural passion, Jason reveals how scientific knowledge plays a crucial role in designing breathtaking outdoor spaces. Whether you tend to a modest home garden or oversee sprawling commercial greenery, his expertise will transform your approach to nature's canvas.

This episode peels back the layers of common landscaping myths while addressing the consequences of cutting corners with low bids. Jason emphasizes the craftsmanship and quality that go into each project, advising listeners to invest wisely for results that stand the test of time. He advocates for excellence in sections, ensuring each part of your outdoor space receives the attention it deserves, rather than a mediocre overall finish. Join us as we explore the sustainable beauty of well-executed landscape projects with a true industry connoisseur.

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