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EP #148: Thrive Medical Spa with Dr. Vincent Zubowicz, MD and Lisa Konz

May 07, 20241 min read

Discover the transformational world of medical aesthetics with Milton's newest gem, Thrive Medical Spa, as I, Stacey Poehler, sit down with founder, Dr. Vincent Zubowicz, MD and Marketing Director, Lisa Konz. They share not just the treatments but the passion and philosophy that shape their cutting-edge beauty and wellness sanctuary. From the origins of their partnership to the intricate offerings that cater to every level of aesthetic need, this episode promises a journey through the art of personal enhancement, where science and self-care harmoniously intersect.

Listen as Dr. Zubowicz recounts the milestones of his medical career, shedding light on the evolution of cosmetic procedures from simple to sophisticated. Meanwhile, Lisa underscores the value of their client-centered approach, highlighting how comprehensive consultations lay the groundwork for each individual's journey toward their beauty goals. Whether you're a skincare enthusiast or toying with the idea of cosmetic surgery, tune in for an insider's look at the fusion of skill, technology, and personalized care that is the hallmark of Thrive Medical Spa.

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