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EP #132: Milton Design Studio with Melanie Garner

January 19, 20241 min read

Ever wondered how an economics major ends up weaving magic in the world of interior design? That's precisely the path Melanie Garner of Milton Design Studio embarked on, and she's here to share her captivating story with us. We go behind the scenes with Melanie to discover her transition from marketing to the hands-on experience of building and renovating homes that sparked her love for design. Launching her own studio in 2022, Melanie dives into the thrilling journey of going solo and the success her business has enjoyed since, with an exclusive look at her recent projects and the unique challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship.

Melanie doesn't just tell us her story; she arms us with insider knowledge on tackling our own home projects. She lays out the essential questions a top-notch designer will ask to customize their services to your lifestyle, how to set realistic timelines that defy HGTV myths, and the importance of having candid conversations about budgets. If you're on the brink of choosing a designer, Melanie's pro tips on what to inquire about their process are gold. Join us for a riveting conversation that demystifies the world of interior design and sends you packing with practical advice for your next home revamp.

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