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EP #104: North Fulton Smiles with Dr. Veena Bhat

January 25, 20241 min read

Ever wondered what led a successful dentist to choose their career path and how they tackle some of the common misconceptions about their profession? Hop on board as we converse with Dr. Veena Bhat from North Fulton Smiles, an Alpharetta-based dental practice, who shares with us her intriguing journey into the world of dentistry. From her childhood fascination with loose baby teeth to her passion for science, art, and human interaction, Dr. Bhat gives us a deep insight into why dentistry was her chosen path. Her experiences in dental school in Chicago and her residency in San Francisco, before finally setting up her practice in Atlanta, make for a compelling story.

One of the highlights of the chat was Dr. Bhat addressing myths and misconceptions about dentistry and dental health. She lays emphasis on the importance of preventative care and timely interventions, debunking the myth that dental services are an 'as-needed' healthcare service. She brilliantly explains why restorative dentistry is essential and why it's crucial to maintain our teeth just like any other part of our body. If you've ever been curious about the inner workings of a dentist's mind and practice, this episode is sure to enlighten you!

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